Dr. Jens Wegmann

Expert in humour-based Motivation and Customer Enthusiasm!
Laughter is the best motivation!

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Dr. Jens Wegmann - Expert in humour-based motivation and customer enthusiasm

Laughter is the best motivation!
Dr. Jens Wegmann, (born 1967 in Cologne), specialises in humorous presentations for companies. The entertaining nature of his speeches is not immediately apparent, and the participants initially take him for a boring specialist speaker. The "surprise!" moment occurs when his presentation is revealed to be the very best in business entertainment. Each presentation is adapted individually to the relevant company and the occasion, so that every speech is a unique experience for the listener.

Wegmann studied business with a major in marketing and business psychology at the University of Cologne, and even back then he regularly took to the stage, firstly as a magician, for which he was several times named German Champion. Later he worked as an actor for the Good Vibrations Business Theatre. After completing his finals, he worked as a comedian at the Pro7 Comedy Factory. In 26 episodes he wrote and performed sketches, but with moderate success, so after that it became clear to him: without an audience, entertainment is just no fun.

In 2002 the format of his comedy speeches was born. This combination of entertainment and content from his business degree has kept him busy and greatly enthused ever since. He has since proved his creativity and sense of empathy in more than 800 presentations, creating a great atmosphere. But for all the fun his presentations offer: there is always an element of truth in what he says. This way, he motivates employees and enthuses customers. So whatever you’re planning, Dr. Wegmann will make your event a whole lot more entertaining.

Despite his qualification as a business administrator from the University of Cologne, a university certificate attesting to his skill as a professional speaker hangs in his office. But that was a far easier qualification to attain – the course was even more fun.

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