Urs Siegenthaler

Chief Analyst & Chief Scout of the German Football Association
The strategy pope & tactical wizard

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Urs Siegenthaler is chief analyst of the German Football Association. Insiders call him the "strategy pope" or "tactics brain".

Before his engagement in the German Football Association he has been involved in various associations (SFV, FIFA) and was a professional football player and trainer. Today, the Swiss analyses the strategies of the opponent’s teams for the German national team and speaks about topics such as victory and defeat, championships, Teambuilding and Teamwork, goal definition, strategy and efficiency.

"First one must recognize where the strengths and where the weaknesses are - then the detailed work follows. It doesn’t help further if I say to Joachim Löw: The opponent plays fast and is strong on the ball. This would be in such a way, as if I say: Tiger Woods plays golf well." (Urs Siegenthaler)

Siegenthaler is no motivational entertainer. As a former professional sportsman, he lights up subjects like sense, goal setting and usefulness and surprises his audience over and over again with his razor-sharp powers of observation and his exact expression. In a sometimes humorous way, he explains what the economy-world can learn from the world of sports.

Urs Siegenthaler gives lectures, seminars, seminar rows and is available for talks and discussions
- Mental force: free your mind from influences to reach your goal! 
- Football and economy: models of success that work in both worlds
- How to get there: from the idea to the right mentality and implementation
- Leadership & Motivation
- Analysis & Strategy: Strategy development
- Teamwork, Teambuilding

"Siegenthaler explains the complicated world of football in a delightfully simple way." (ARD)

"The play reader" (Die Spiegel)

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