Katja Porsch

Motivational Speaker, Sales expert & Author
Katja Porsch: Shark or Herring? Hunt or be hunted.

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Katja Porsch was one of the most successful real estate sellers in Germany. In her first days in sales, she only had the Berlin telephone book and the will to be successful. And so she started doing cold calls. Katja knows how to win and to gain acceptance in a highly competitive market and she knows how to reach the top.

Speaking Topics:

IF LIFE KICKS YOU – KICK BACK! – How you get what you want.
Who likes to be a loser? Everyone wants success. Every person, every company and every entrepreneur. But how does it work? And, above all, how does it work if everything is against you? If the circumstances are anything but easy?
Information overload, globalization, increasing complexity, ever-evolving technologies, uncertainties, failures - all this is part of everyday life. On the other hand, we live in a world characterized by the fear of change, a no-failure culture, and the automatism of shifting responsibility. How does that fit together?

Katja Porsch knows from her own experience and two overcome bankruptcies: "We cannot change the circumstances, but we can change how we deal with the circumstances."

You will learn:
_How to use the right mindset to get the success you want.
_How to switch problems into opportunities and how to change adverse circumstances into ideal starting conditions
_How to break out of the dread mill of habits, not to let your surroundings slow you down and take over responsibility

SHARK OR HERRING?! - Hunt or be hunted.
Price pressure, competitive pressure and revenue pressure – or opportunities, potentials, and new markets?
Price wars, discount wars, and competition govern everyday life.
But is it really the circumstances, other people, or the competition that make life difficult for us? Maybe it’s ourselves?
Shark or herring?! You decide.

_How to make yourself independent of external circumstances such as price wars, discount wars, and competitive battles
_How to turn your sales team into hunters who want to attack
_How to not only plan your revenue, but also achieve it

CLOSING - At the End it´s Win or Loose!
DON’T JUST CONSULT, CLOSE THE DEAL. How much fun is it to run a race if you fall right before the finish line? How much fun it is to consult with a client if he doesn’t end up buying? So attack. Seal the deal!

_How with the right focus, your sales team will not only consult, but also close.
_How to find the right bait for your company and your product.
_Why it doesn’t make any sense to wait for the right time, because that’s now.

Suppose you ask your sellers, who thinks acquisitions are fun. How many hands would go up? Imagine you knew how to make it so that acquisitions are no longer a red flag. How would this affect your sales? SHARKS get the clients they want. HERRING wait for the competition to snatch clients out from right under their noses.

_How your sellers can activate their hunting instinct and get the clients they want.
_How your sellers WANT to acquire, rather than feel they HAVE TO
_How to achieve your acquisition goals with more fun and success

But she also know how fast you can fall again. Two times she was bankrupt. But she kept her chin up and made it to the top again. "It´s no drama if you fail. The only thing that matters is, that you get up again.

This is one theme that made her the personality she is now. From her own experience she knows: you can´t change the circumstances, but you can change the way you deal with them. Today Katja Porsch is a successful speaker, talking abiut success, motivation and sales. She one of the most thougt after sales experts and multiple author.

Katja´s talks are different. And they make a difference. They change the attitude, the motivation and they change the results. Katja Porsch inspires and emotionalizes in her own direct but also charming way. She talks straight and inspires her audience to finally attack – in the most positive meaning. She motivates to finaly and consequently reach personal goals, personal success and to fulfill the personal vision.

Katja rouses her audience from passiveness and kicks them out of the waiting mode. She motivates and with her own story she proofs who important it is to never loose courage. She shows that after every tumble or break down it is possible to get up and reach the top again – no matter how many times one failed before.

And Katja Porsch provides tools. Tools that every listener can immediately put in to practives. Everybody can do normal. But Porsch knows: if you want to be outstanding, you have to stand outside the mass.

Katja Porsch stands for:
50.000 acquisition and cold calls
7.000 sales pitches
900 Seminars and speeches
in front of more than 30.000 people
3 books
2 overcome bankruptcies

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