Paul Niel

Adventurer, Mountaineer, Social Entrepreneur

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Paul Niel is an adventurer, mountaineer and social enterpreneur.

He is one of the few climbers to have summited two 8000m peaks within 24 hours In 2013 he claimed the top of Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world, as well as Lhotse, the fourth highest, a day later. He has also successfully climbed the highest mountain on every continent, the seven summits.

An Austrian native currently residing in Hong Kong his focus is the support and sponsorship of enterprises that leave a social impact. Most recently he was Co-Founder of Luxarity, a Hong Kong based enterprise with a mission to up cycle luxury fashion items. Unwanted fashion items are resold for the benefit of local charitable institutions. Paul has also been selected to partake atthe 2014 program at Singularity University, a Silicon Valley based think tank established by Google and NASA to educate future leaders on exponential technologies to address the most important challenges of mankind.

In addition Paul works with charities in Nepal (dZi Foundation) , Hong Kong (Enlighten HK) and Kenya (flyingkites) to address social integration and rural development. To date he has raised more than USD 150,000 for charitable causes.

Since graduating from The University of Vienna, where he read statistic, Paul worked for more than a decade in finance which took him to New York, London and led him ultimately to Hong Kong. His unsatisfiable curiosity led him into adventures around the globe and in more than 80 countries: from the deserts of Mongolia to the snowcapped volcanoes of Kamchatka, the never-ending ice of Antarctica to sailing a boat with strangers across the Atlantic Ocean. His home are the mountains, where is has climbed extensively throughout the world’s biggest mountain ranges. His adventures provided also ultimativeely the catalyst for a late career change from employee to social entrepreneur.

Paul has spoken extensively in English and German at public institutions and conferences in Asia and Europe and shared his inspiring story with thousands of pupils.

In his keynote talk "Following your Passion" he illustrates on examples and stories from his life the parallels between business life and extreme adventures. He shares how extreme encounters like hitchhiking through Siberia, crawling out of deep canyons, being stuck in a snow storm above 8000m, and running out of water in the midst of an ocean have shaped his decision in the everyday business life but also made him determined to not deviate from his ultimate principle:
Do something with passion!

Built into his talk are messages that follow on:
- Set your goals high
- Build on a strong network, create and foster relationships
- Keep on Learning, don’t get complacent
- Diversify your available options
- Embrace change
- Analyze situations rationally
- Take Action & make an impact

Further topics include:
To the top of the World – twice
A thrilling story of the triumph and tragedy surround Paul’s double ascent of Everest and Lhotse in 2013. By summiting both mountains, causing him to spend more than 70 hours in the death zone above 8000 meters, he became only the ninth person ever to conquer both peaks within 24 hours. The story reflect on the latest development in adventure and alpinism and shows that determination, rational decision making and teamwork ultimately lead to success

A Blink into the Singularity
Paul’s unique profile of going to the extreme in his adventures, while trying to build enterprises that keeping a focus on leaving an impact has lead him to become of the few selected participants in the 2014 Singularity University program, a Silicon Valley based think tank established by Google and NASA to educate future leaders on exponential technologies to address the most important challenges of mankind. Paul shares his vision for these challenges – such as energy, nutrition and water and how simple it is to make a bigger impact.

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