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Natacha - First Lady of Swiss Dialect Rock

"I believe in the moment when everything is just right – and once more who dares wins" - Lyrics line from Natacha`s latest album "Glücksbringer" (in english lucky charm) released by Universal Switzerland.

As the first female artist in Switzerland, Natacha released an album in the Swiss dialect in 1992. With her debut album "Keini Gränze" and the following album "Orlando", the Bernese wrote Swiss rock history. With "Stärntaler" she entered the Swiss album charts from 0 directly to number 1 as the first Swiss Singer-Songwriter. She released 13 albums to date which were all awarded with the golden or platin record. Songs like "Nadisna", "sölli,sölli nid "Orlando" "sorry" or "Banderas" are true classics today.

Natacha grips, amazes and inspires her audience with stories from 20 years of showbusiness experience. She tells stories from her exciting and not always easy life as a rock musician, entrepreneur, manager and mother touchingly honest. Natacha shares her experience and is able to give courage and new power «if you really want to, you can move mountains».

Her topics:

- 20 years of experience among the sharks of the music industry – what is her secret?
- How does an artist deal with success and failure?
- How does a women motivate herself time and time again?
- A Bernese girl versus Madonna/ Beyoncé/ Kylie Minouge?
- How does one plan a career – as a visionary or a manager?
- How does one create a hit – and why does Leonardo di Caprio like her songs?

The Bernese artist composes, programms and writes her Songs for the most part herself. Since 2005 she also writes songs for other artists.

Natacha was born and raised in Burgdorf and studied graphic design.
Professional music education: conservatory of Bern / Singing Yolanda Rodio / USA / CH Silvia Young Theatre School, London / Part Time Classes.

Natacha is the mother of two grown up boys Simon and und Emanuel.

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