Thomas R. Köhler

Expert in digital Trends of the Future & Cyberrisk/Cybercrime, Entrepreneur, Author
Thomas R. Köhler: Industrial espionage: How to protect your company.

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Thomas R. Köhler - Cybercrime, digital trends of the future, these are just some of his subjects. Since the beginning of the internet era, Thomas has been deeply involved in the most important driver of the 21st Century that today we call ’digitalization’.

Speech Topics:
• Applewatch, fitness tracker and co: How to live better with "Hightech"! (new book coming in autumn 2016)
• Understanding Digital transformation – how the connected world is disrupting your business
• Perspektive27 – how we live, work and communicate in 10 years
• "The Internettrap" - chances and challenges of internet, social media und big data
• "The coded human being" – perspectives of the information society
• Industrial espionage, competitive intelligence and co: how to protect your company
• Understanding cyberrisk – protecting your corporate assets (new book is coming 2017)
• The best  service is no service – new paths for service in the internet era
• Free of charge is just the beginning  – successful business models in the online era
• How to learn from Silicon Valley – Establish the right innovation culture in your company

He has traced and identified many important developments and trends in the digital world and published his findings in a dozen books such as the bestseller ’Die Internetfalle / The internettrap’ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Publisher). As a founder of several companies and owner of different patents Thomas has impressively shown how these developments can be successfully translated into practice.  He passes on his deep knowledge and his fascination of the incredible chances and challenges of digitalization as a keynote speaker and also as a lecturer at Danube University of Krems (Austria).

In his speeches and workshops Thomas actively invites the audience to shape this future, while advocating a positive but critical handling of new information and communication technologies. With vivid, entertaining and unexpected examples from his more than 20 years’ experience in the sector, Thomas makes the digital future tangible and imaginable for his audience. As a result, Thomas recurrently is rated a top speaker by participants and event organizers.

As expert moderator Thomas has extensive experience with top executives from business, science and politics. He has facilitated several dozen events with up to 600 participants. His value-add in moderating is asking the right, insightful question at the right time and in virtuously linking consecutive speeches.

"He is an excellent facilitator of not only leading the discussion but most important adding further relevant content and subject matter expertise to the topic to receive the right answers from the congress speakers." (Microsoft).

Thomas is a sought-after expert in national and international TV, radio and print. He regularly explains trends and answers questions on digitalization, including for formats with multiple million audiences.

With statements, interviews and guest commentaries he frequently appears in newspapers, as well as trade and public magazines – and of course also in various new formats, such as webcasts.

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