Güzin Kar

Film Director & Bestseller Author

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Is she a witty philosopher or a philosophic houmourist? However you describe Güzin Kar, film director and best seller author, either shoe fits: Her talks combine a ready wit with surprising twists and turns, leading to unexpected insights.

Her topics:
- Gender disasters in the age of Facebook and Twitter
- The private and the public ME - or does my boss knows what I am thinking?
- From the luck to make themselves ridiculous

Being a keen observer of human weaknesses, she interweaves the small events of everyday life with the big questions of modern existence: Do we actually have the partner we merit? Does life suffer from halitosis? Why is my dog happier than me? In a unique way she finds meaning in easily overlooked details – and the universe in the most mundane experience. Güzin Kar seduces with humour: She takes the listener by the hand, leads him through the dark roads of his or her soul, strikes up a brilliant firework and safely brings him home.

Güzin Kar had studied German philology and Film Science, before attending the prestigious Film Academy Baden Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany. After graduating in 2000, she has been working in Switzerland and Germany, as a screenplay writer and film director. Several blockbusters bear her signature, starring actresses like Veronica Ferres, Meret Becker, Christiane Paul and actors like Mike Müller or Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart. Her oeuvre has been crowned with several awards.

In addition to her cinematic work, Güzin Kar writes texts and columns in numerous Swiss and German newspapers and magazines, like Tages-Anzeiger, Weltwoche, Die Zeit, Annabelle etc. And she is the author of several books that turned out best sellers.

Favourite topics of Güzin Kar are the differences between the sexes (The concept of men and women is made for DIY-enthusiasts), and modern men’s unsuccessful quest for happiness (We want love and get sex, we want sex and get pimples).

Should you decide to book a speech by Güzin Kar, you will treat your audience with an exceptional journey, filled with laughter and insights.

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