Simon Jacomet

Founder of ZAI - The World's finest Ski maker
From Vision to Perfection

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Simon Jacomet - Founder of ZAI – The world’s finest ski maker

From Vision to Perfection

PASSION and innovation drive Simon Jacomet in all he does, from the grandest vision right down to the smallest detail.

Whether he’s creating a new technology or chopping wood for the winter in his alpine home, the man regarded by many as the most innovative ski designer of his generation will apply the same zen-like focus to the task. If there is a better way of doing something, Simon Jacomet will find it.

Simon’s achievements in the ski industry are second to none. As Founder and Creative Head of Zai he has developed new materials and technologies, finding radical solutions where others see only a dead end. When Bentley Motors demanded a ski that echoed the performance of their famous cars — as task even their own engineers thought impossible — it was Simon Jacomet who created it.

Simon studied art in Florence, supporting himself as a ski instructor. His radical teaching methods proved so effective he later became Technical Coach to the Swiss Ski Team. As Chief Developer at Salomon, he was instrumental in the development of the modern carving techniques and equipment that helped fuel a global ski industry boom.

In 2003, Simon founded Zai, and set to work realising his dream of creating the ultimate ski. Now a successful brand with 60 dealerships worldwide, Zai has become a byword for the finest Swiss innovation and craftsmanship — and a conduit for Simon’s neverending stream of energy and ideas.

Simon Jacomet is the opposite of a polished motivational speaker. Not only because he comes from the mountains, but because of his calm, engaging manner, his pithy Graubünden dialect (he also speaks perfect High German), and the conviction with which he communicates his philosophy. Simon leaves audiences entertained, informed and inspired — and feeling that they too can achieve the impossible.

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