Edgar Itt

Expert in Motivation and Team-Leadership
„Success faith, Passion, Vision – Overcome the hurdles of life". Edgar Itt – Coaching for Leadership

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"Success faith, Passion, Vision – Overcome the hurdles of life"

Edgar Itt – Coaching for Leadership - Edgar Itt was one of the most successful hurdlers, a medal winner at the Olympic Games as well as in European and World Championships . The high point of his career was winning the bronze medal in the German relay team at the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988.

After his sports career he completed his studies of economics and business administration and worked in various management positions. Since 2000 Edgar Itt has run very successful seminars, workshops and coaching programs with his own company.

As a coach for senior executives and as a motivation trainer he transfers in his seminars and speeches the techniques of top sportsmen and applies them to professional life, and he shows how experience from the fields of high performance sport, personality structure and value systems are applicable to daily life. Successful techniques from top sports such as goal-setting, motivation, responsibility and discipline are presented in a hands-on style. Edgar Itt reports from his wealth of experience as a sportsman and coach how it is possible to cope with increasing expectations in the professional and private fields and to take the hurdles in his stride.

Edgar Itt’s highly committed speech "Success faith, Passion, Vision – Overcome the hurdles of life" enables his listeners from the very first minute to imaginatively dive into the the world of top athletes and their preparations for Olympia. Thus, in addition to his own development as an athlete, he reports about other famous personalities of the sporting world.

The basic thinking framework of the speech is clearly elucidated for the listener: "Each of us has their own Olympic challenge daily and with the right attitude can also master it ."

He appeals to each of us individually to utilize our own potential and not to lose sight of our vision. The right attitude is the key factor to success here. Further success factors for achieving a happy and fulfilled successful life such as optimism, passion, trust, belief in oneself and one’s strengths, willingness to change, openness, respect for one’s fellow men and women and own discipline are presented in his speech.

Edgar Itt exemplifies in his own life what he wants to convey to his listeners. For him every speech, every seminar he holds is a new and unique challenge. This attitude also originates from high performance sport where every chance of victory has to be utilized and absolute concentration must be dedicated to competing. Due to his past experience in athletics he knows only too well what it means to have to achieve top performance and successes on a daily basis.

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