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    Bernhard Bauhofer

    Interview Melanie Hübner | 21.02.2017

    In the course of the rapid rise of the internet and social media the sphere of activity of every single individual has acquired a global dimension. The dominating cult of the ego is fuelled by a hype about selfies, Instagram, Youtube & Co.

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    Viktor Meier

    Interview Melanie Hübner | 06.02.2017

    Ice skating in the desert, of course!

    Viktor inspires with his direct and unconventional way and is the vivid proof that who is living his dreams, doesn’t need luxury.

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    German Ramirez

    Interview Melanie Hübner | 27.01.2017

    The whole world speaks of "digital transformation" because there is a new type of customer out there. Companies and brands need to accept it, understand it, and finally transform their go-to market strategies to succeed in gaining customers’ business and loyalty in the digital Age.

    The lectures of German Ramirez are highly informative, helpful and entertaining at the same time!

  • Dietmar Dahmen

    Dietmar Dahmen

    Interview Melanie Hübner | 06.01.2017

    Dietmar Dahmen - Creative Consultant, visionary, futurologist, inspirator, motivator, enricher  of brands, people and experiences....

  • Nicole Brandes

    Nicole Brandes

    Interview Melanie Hübner | 30.12.2016

    Nicole Brandes talks about the challenges facing leaders in an increasingly complex environment – and how these can be mastered with interpersonal skills and identity-forging purpose. She is committed to a purpose- and value-centred leadership, precisely...

  • Veit Etzold

    Veit Etzold

    Interview Melanie Hübner | 26.12.2016

    Veit Etzold, "the German Dan Brown" is a bestselling author, keynote speaker and consultant, and consequently knows exactly how to apply the techniques of exciting storytelling to the communication needs of individuals and businesses...

  • Urs Meier

    Urs Meier

    Interview Melanie Hübner | 23.12.2016

    Urs Meier is one of the most famous professional football referees. He knows what it means to work under enormous pressure: whether in his role as successful business man, in the stadium in front of 60,000 spectators and the millions of self-proclaimed...

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    Thomas R. Köhler

    Interview Melanie Hübner | 16.12.2016

    Thomas R. Köhler - Cybercrime, digital trends of the future, these are just some of his subjects. Since the beginning of the internet era, Thomas has been deeply involved in the most important driver of the 21st Century that today we call ’digitalization’...