Martin Hellweg

Expert for Digital Innovation, Trends & Future
Martin Hellweg - Safe Surfer - The Virtual Bodyguard!

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Martin Hellweg (born 1967) advises people who became victims of a digital attack.

Speech Topics
- "Digital Innovations in times of increasing sensitivity for privacy"
- "Privacy Protection in the Digital Wild West" ...making sure, that digital mishaps not turn into huge reputation damage.
- Digital Innovation, Trends and Future

In 1998, as a crisis manager in Brazil, Martin Hellweg conducted his first forensic data analysis as part of a financial fraud case. Later on, he was engaged by businesses and individuals who saw themselves exposed to an attack on their reputation and privacy. As a Board Member and CEO of several publicly traded and privately held companies in crisis situations, Martin Hellweg was himself challenged by digital attacks and gathered ample experience in this field over the years. In 2007, Martin Hellweg consolidated his respective activities under the working titel Virtual Bodyguard.

Martin Hellweg is author of the book "Safe Surfer – 52 tips to protect privacy in the digital age"

In his spare time, Martin Hellweg travels the world and is a founding member of MILK67, a music project in the field of electric crossover.

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