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Expert for Mental Strength, Leadership & Motivation
Go for Gold!

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Antje Heimsoeth - A Speaker with Heart, Mind and Soul

Antje Heimsoeth is one of the best-known Mental Coaches and Public Speakers in the German speaking part of Europe. Her international experience with companies including adidas, BMW, Axis Communications, Lufthansa Technik, Tecan Trading, Volksbanken, Sparkasse Vogtland, HypoVereinsbank UniCredit, CarGarantie, Otto Group, ABC Breast Care GmbH as well as with international athletes, teams and trainers, makes her a much-sought-after keynote speaker with an Olympic touch: it’s time to Go for Gold!

Trained as an engineer with a degree in geodesy and a former competitive athlete, Antje Heimsoeth is a businesswoman, bestselling author and university lecturer as well as an international expert in mental strength, motivation and self-management. A recognized professional member of the German Speakers Association (GSA), she was honored with the 2014 "Speaker of the year" award.

Professional, authentic and passionate: for Antje Heimsoeth, keynote speaking is not just a profession – it’s a calling. She relishes her speaking engagements.
When she is on the stage, she’s in her element. She flirts with the audience. She is equally happy in the German-speaking world and on the international scene: China, Nepal, India or Russia, where she speaks in English.

Read first, then Listen
Antje Heimsoeth’s articles on the topics of mental strength, self-worth, self-confidence, motivation, healthy leadership, management, communication and mental health are regularly published in trade and mass-market publications including: Focus Online, Bild.de, Bild (print), Trainingsworld, Markt und Mittelstand, AktivSteuern, Personal im Fokus, Wissen + Karriere, BRIGITTE, neue woche, wirtschaftszeit.at and Wirtschaftswoche. She has also shared her experience and practical knowledge in a number of books. As with her presentations, her books are designed to have a high practical value for the readers.

A selection of her themes:
•    What we can learn from top athletes.
•    Learn from the world champions.

What can business teams learn from the German national team? What do you need to do to be just as successful as them?
•    Resilience as a leadership responsibility: the skills of successful people.
•    In order to manage others, first you must manage yourself.

Self-management begins in the head.
•    Mental strength as a success factor – winning starts in the head: Go for Gold!
•    Success is not a coincidence, but a question of attitude.
•    Healthy leadership.
•    You’re in charge of your own head

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  • Antje Heimsoeth, Expertin für mentale Stärke, Motivation & Selbstführung
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