Marc Hauser

World Record Holder and Hero-Maker
Marc Hauser: Motivation - The World belongs to the Creative

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Marc Hauser makes people into heroes. The world record holder in horizontal free-fall has the keys to success – for originally he was afraid of heights. His topic is courage: Courage for the big dream, courage for innovation – and courage to achieve your goals. He shows his audience how they can move from dreaming to doing.


1. The Hero-Maker
How you can become the world record holder in extreme skydiving - despite having a fear of heights: This is how you can move from dreaming to doing.

2. The World Belongs to the Creative
Become a market leader now: This is how companies write strong stories that go around the world.

As an entrepreneur, Marc Hauser manages an international naming agency, as a professional speaker, he delivers motivational speeches around the world, in three languages. An exceptionally-gifted inspirational speaker, he activates all of his audiences. Exciting experiments invite everybody to participate in creativity. This is how Hauser anchors valuable impulses and creates meaningful insights.

Fascinating storytelling and breathtaking pictures enthuse his audiences from the very start. His lively and humorous speaking style is a guarantee of the best entertainment with strong content. Swiss charm and a healthy portion of self-mockery create an atmosphere that make his events fly magically.

Marc Hauser shakes things up, he wakes deep-slumbering heroic forces for true innovation. You will feel the fresh wind at your company immediately; what your employees have learned can be put into practice right away. This is how this inspiring speaker creates added value that has a long-term effect and impresses deeply.

Hauser is your hero-maker.

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Video & Audio
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