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Rolf Gruber is the proprietor of Richards & Gold, the agency with know-how specialised in branding.

Rolf Gruber is a lecturer of Brand Management at the University of Lucerne (masters course in real estate management at IFZ).

Rolf Gruber knows the national markets as well as the internationally operating corporations and is able to correctly assess market changes for maintaining and expanding a brand. He has been a leading thinker for B2C and B2B corporations for over 20 years.

He is the author of text books as well as innumerable articles in the innovation fields of corporate branding, corporate identity, marketing, advertising and sales.

Rolf Gruber is the author of Pacting. ’Pacting – the pact with the brand’ defines in 12 ½ principles the essences which make a company successful as a brand.

His lecture ’Traps which top management must not venture into’ is legendary. In a vivid and entertaining manner, Rolf Gruber reveals where the pitfalls lie for companies and how to become free from them again.

Pacting – the 12 ½ principles which seal the pact with the brand.

Pacting is new – it was developed by Rolf Gruber.

Pacting defines the contents which seal the alliance between the brand and the contact. In a time where the internet and traditional brands are coalescing, primary principles are required which can be applied to all types of brands. Pacting reveals these principles.

The Pacting principles also take on the instability resulting from the continuously increasing uncertainty within companies, as well as the ever-faster spreading trends. Pacting provides users and brands with the common thread to which they both orient themselves.

Get to know the common thread which makes brands successful.

Branding flops – traps which top management must not venture into.

Weather it is the grounding of Swissair, the Cailler-Malheur, the Daimler Chrysler flop or the UBS debacle: all these damages to reputation are caused by not having knowledge of the principles, of how brands function and how they must be managed.

Yet how does one avoid stepping into the pitfalls which every company can fall into? One has to know where the pitfalls are located. However: the nightmarish thing is that one can easily fall into them without having the precise knowledge of where the pitfalls are located.

Get to know the traps which one must not venture into.

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