Wolfgang Fasching

Racing Across America - Extreme Athlete, Motivation
You can Dream it, you can do it!

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Wolfgang Fasching is one of the most successful extreme athletes in the world. By no means does he attribute his top performances as a cyclist and mountain climber though to physical strength alone. He is a multiple World Champion of long-distance cycling races and in addition a mental "World Champion". This can be of great benefit to you in his audience or as a participant at his seminars.

His Topics:
•    With Mental Strength to Success
•    Motivation
•    If You Want It, You’ll Make It (The Power of Thoughts)
•    Seven Summits (Experiences – Experience – Insights)
•    Poise is all in your head!

Wolfgang Fasching completed the RAAM - Race Across America 8 times, covering a distance of each 4,800 km, standing on the podium after every finish. He won this prestigious the race three times. As a high altitude mountain climber, Wolfgang Fasching reached the peaks of the Seven Summits, thus summiting the seven highest mountains of all continents. His project Russia Coast to Coast 2014 was the first solo crossing of Russia on a bike – over an incredible total distance of 10.000 km! Fasching has gained almost unparalleled experience at and insights into performing at the limit.

Wolfgang Fasching documented his experiences and secrets to success in fascinating books, appealing to his readers. He is a multiple best seller author and a regular TV and radio show guest. The academic mental coach holds an MBA title in General Management and has linked the fascination of top athletic performance to mental strength in his to-date 1,400 presentations. He reveals how with the help of simple techniques, you can change your life for the positive.  The art of solution-oriented thinking and taking action will certainly improve your quality of life and make you more successful. No matter what the situation, be it on the job, in your private life or at sports – the mind is often the decisive factor for success or failure.

Wolfgang Fasching’s presentations and seminars are ideal for road shows, customer and partner events, employee further development seminars and strategy symposiums. His list of references includes top companies and organizations, as well as presentations on several continents. Whether it’s a small seminar group or audiences of several thousands, Wolfgang Fasching shares his own personal experiences with great passion. As a graduated Life- and Social Coach and Rhetoric Trainer, Wolfgang Fasching addresses participant wishes individually.

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