Jörg Buckmann

Expert in Human Resources. From a public Officer to an Entrepreneur for "frechmutiges" employer branding.
Jörg Buckmann - With Creativity, Joy and really good Employer Branding against skills shortages.

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Jörg Buckmann - More "Frechmut" please: With creativity, joy and really good employer branding against skills shortages.

In his mid-forties Jörg Buckmann gave up his position at Zurich’s public transport company "Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich" and changed the safety of his job for the enthusiasm to do what brings him real joy. And for Buckmann, everything is joyful that concerns really good employer branding and communication. He discovered his interest in and his talent for fresh and sometimes cheeky and unconventional methods of employer branding already 10 years ago. Since then he has been rewarded with many prizes for the employer branding of the "Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich", he has been awarded as the "Innovator in Employer Branding of the Year 2013" and his first book "Einstellungssache: Personalgewinnung mit Frechmut und Können" "How to win employees with "Frechmut" and skill" is one of the best-selling book about this topic. Buckmann created and sharpened the concept of "Frechmut" which stands for a joyful, cheeky and professional employer branding. His motto is: Don’t moan, just do it! Buckmann has started to offer consulting services to other companies too: Many small and medium-sized businesses, public enterprises and companies like hospitals and energy suppliers. Besides that, he gives lectures at colleges and writes essays and books.

As a speaker, the former HR manager argues enthusiastically against the dominance of controllers, lawyers and the too-cautious. He sees his speeches as a plead for a more courageous and joyful HR management and employer branding.

Jörg Buckmann, a man of action, supports his claims with many intuitive best (and sometimes worst) practices. This results in entertaining presentations which are profiting from his rich fund of experience. He tops it off with his good sense of humour and his joyful attitude. Buckmann inspires his audience with examples which can be directly applied to everyday business life – "employer branding to go" so to speak.

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