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The Choice and Purchase decision Expert

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Karsten Brocke has a long been established as one of the most-booked speakers and behavioural trainers in the fields of consultative selling, customer acquisition and purchase psychology. He has authored five books, won a prize for innovation and is the holder of the International Trainer Award. He imparts invaluable, in-depth knowledge on intrinsic motivation and progressive purchase strategies based on cutting-edge findings in behavioural and brain research. His paradigm shift in relation to the purchasing process is exciting, brand-new, innovative and tremendously inspiring. You will learn to recognise people’s true motives for choosing and buying – all of this presented with remarkable passion.

Karsten Brocke gives definitive answers to the following questions: How do I become a sales stimulator and what motivates people to make decisions? You will hear clear-cut statements and incontrovertible evidence that the "sale" does not exist – but is always in fact a purchasing process. And this is why he focuses on activating consumers with his own FAIRkaufstechnologie© sales technology. This uses the consistent implementation of an own-developed set of questions, the Aktivierungsfragen©. He is regarded as the pre-eminent speaker in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the topic of the modern purchasing process. As a member of the "Akademie für neurowissenschaftliches Bildungsmanagement", Karsten Brocke can rely on the latest scientific findings in brain research. His credo is: "Es werden Menschen geboren, keine Verlierer - keine Gewinner©" ("People are born, not losers – not winners")

Lecture topics
The original - "Der FAIRkaufsBROCKEn®"
"Werden Sie zum Kaufanreger©" (Become a Sales Stimulator)
Do you want to learn how to boost your sales to unprecedented levels? If so, this lecture is for you! What characterises a modern sales professional? How does modern marketing need to be designed in order to lead to success? By moving away from ‘selling’ towards an authentic purchasing process. You will receive the answers you need to build a successful marketing process and recognise how a purchasing process develops. These are real innovations – true inspiration, and not the mechanical parroting of old, existing knowledge. This lecture is characterised by an entertaining, fun and informal delivery, a wealth of inspiration and a plethora of "wow factors" from the field of modern brain research.

The original - "Die FAIRkaufstechnologie©" Neuromarketing in practice  
Excitare-Kommunikation® (excitare: awaken, stimulate, arouse, encourage) is a form of communication which the personality, behavioural and sales trainer Karsten Brocke has been developing since 2007. It is used for interpersonal communication that aims to activate the interlocutor with the aid of influence. This method is at the root of the "FAIRkaufstechnologie©" sales technology. The overarching objective of Excitaren-Kommunikation® is to bring about a change in attitude in order to achieve a change in behaviour. Self-awareness gained through reaching the consciousness of the interlocutor and thus achieving a logical, cognitive resonance (sensible, rational response) is a key element of this process. This is the people-centred approach to activating others.

"Pilot or Passenger"
Participants are not only encouraged to delve deeper into what they hear but also set their sights on the future. Inspiration motivates them to look ahead with enthusiasm and optimism. "What is – is!" This lecture allows you to recognise which type of communication with yourself and others leads to success, and which behaviours can be changed without a substantial investment in effort. So much is possible if you really want it. Build and grow your self-determination!

"The Sales Handbook"
This is where the professional sales pitch meets reality! This lecture delivers the answers. Bring your pitch to a successful conclusion and let your customer feel that you are both on the same wavelength. Success is inevitable and your success rates will increase dramatically if you know these methods and master these techniques. Here, the manner of reduction to the essentials plays a key role in the consultation and sales pitch.

Whale Done! – The power of positive relationships
After attending this lecture you will know how to motivate your employees, be familiar with the methods used to reinforce the right behaviour in others, be able to employ the 5 diversion steps and the 4 steps of the "Whale Done!" reaction.

"Employing charisma to its best effect"
The word charisma evokes many associations; for instance: high credibility, a goal-oriented life, success and appeal. People who possess charisma draw attention to themselves. They possess magnetism. These are the people others enjoy listening to. They are quick to earn trust and are sought-after advisors. When charismatic people enter a room and start a conversation, all attention is immediately focused on them. Their presence, high credibility and clear communication are profitable for the client and indispensible to every successful referral and cross-selling opportunity.
Charismatic people are highly successful sellers. And selling with charisma means communicating passion and enthusiasm.

Expertise alone is no longer enough in order to be convincing in your working life, self-promotion or as a consultant and salesperson. Today it’s all about tangible sales communications, enthusiasm for marketing and not least making a sale into an ‘event’ for the customer. All this plays to the strengths of those who possess charisma. They are in a unique position to use their conscious and unconscious body language with complete conviction and authenticity. The voice is also a key medium employed in conveying one’s own personality – modulation, use of pauses and speaking tempo are all factors that have an effect on others.

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