Max Bormann

Expert for Growth & Motivation

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Max Bormann, Expert for Growth & Motivation

1997 Max Bormann is doing his apprenticeship as a merchant in trade. 2000 he starts working for New Balance as a Tech Rep. His Journey continues with responsibilities as the national Sales Manager, the Interim Country Manager and the Brand Ambassador Manager. He tripled sales, achieved 140% growth on revenue and led sales teams.

Speech-Title: Harvest the growth you deserve.

Why do some people make the same mistakes their whole lives while others repeatedly surpass themselves? Whether employees, managers or self-employed – the basic requirement for financial growth is the continual development of one’s own personality.
The lecture focuses on three key areas: 
1. The roots of growth – what are the prerequisites for life-long growth and what keeps people from growing?
2. Fertile fields – how can I prepare the ground in my own environment for personal growth? How can people perceive, value and develop periods of drought and harvest in the company?
3. Tips for harvesters - 3 simple and clear tips for faster personal, practical and result-oriented development.

2010 he starts where his heart belongs. To support other people to overcome objectives regarding their personal and financial growth.

As Keynote Speaker and SINNITIATOR® he inspires Companies by significant motivation. Therefore Companies not only profoundly benefit by his stimulus for peak performance, but also gives a great insight about meaningful leadership. With the result of a stronger emotional bond and teams achieving peak performance more constantly.

1. Working with a mentor – not only the fastest, but also the surest path to personal growth. 
2. The 4 corporate personality types – where am I and how can I take charge of my own development? 
3. Turbocharging character development – not waiting for feedback, but actively requesting it, taking it personally and implementing it.

1. Unique positions are to be found where no one is looking. Differentiation through distinction succeeds wonderfully through the medium of language.
2. The ‘coffee tip’ – which one thing will I do differently tomorrow? 
3. The 4 reasons for ‘yes!’ Why entrepreneurs buy and what sales and distribution can do to ensure success.

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