Peter Baumgartner

Expert in Leadership & Motivation

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Leadership-expert and bestselling-author: Who leads, succeeds!

Peter Baumgartner revives the speaker scene as emerging leadership expert. The best-selling author, industrial engineer and qualified teacher is a speaker that gets booked all over Europe for conferences, corporate events and at international business schools.

His emotional presentation style captivates audiences and his award-winning books about leadership complement his lectures in an ideal way. After his studies in Austria, Germany and the UK, Baumgartner has been a consultant for well-known organisations.

He conveys vivid examples and sustainable content: who demands and requires performance today, must be able to provide meaning too. What executives radiate, catches on inevitably with their people.

His motto is: Encouragement and motivation, leadership and innovation are the core elements of successful leadership. What matters is how people trigger passionate enthusiasm today. With exemplary behaviour. Leadership is decisiveness, courage and confidence.

As a charismatic keynote speaker Peter Baumgartner succeeds to
fascinate and to motivate audiences. His lectures are about hope and a better life. We all need leaders whom people can trust and follow.

Your personal profit from the lecture:
• How to encourage, arouse enthusiasm and achieve top perfomance.
• How to motivate and win people with appreciative leadership.
• How to help people improving and boost your organisation.

Who leads, succeeds! As a leader you win people for your goal, you gain reputation and loyalty, you gain quality of life and, of course, you also gain financially. Your success proves you right.

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