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Mind Reading, The Mentalist

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Norman Alexander studied Business Administration with a major in Management at University of Göttingen. Since his adolescence he is fascinated in mind readers and mentalists. These interests didn’t evolve by chance. His Russian grandmother already handled with techniques to read and influence minds.

Therefore Norman Alexander started demonstrating his skills in front of the audience in the age of 16. The extraordinary performance which blurs borders between fantasy and reality inspires a huge fan base in large houses, at company events and different TV shows. People will talk about the first-class entertainment.

After graduating successfully in his studies Norman Alexander took the courageous step towards self-employment  and a life full of self-responsibility and creative freedom. During his Business Studies Norman Alexander developed the Mind Hacking strategy building up a deep relationship to business partners. In his remarkable, motivating and inspiring lectures Norman Alexander gives impulses how to use several techniques of mentalists in management processes and sales to get more information about people and to know what and how they are thinking and what they really want.

Some of the numerous clients who already benefitted from Norman Alexander are companies like Siemens, Horváth & Partners, Allianz Beratungs- und Vertriebs-AG, Ullstein Buchverlage, Wirtschaftsforum Eichsfeld, the city Unterschleißheim and others.


Hot to decode the thoughts of business partners with observation, knowledge of human nature and intuition.

To be successful in job you have to know and understand the human nature. The more you cater for the hidden desires and needs of your counterpart, the more your clients, business partners and you are satisfied. Imagine you can give your counterpart the impression to talk the same language and a feeling of familiarity. By identification and expression of your counterpart’s thoughts you can build up a strong relationship to him.

Therefore Norman Alexander devolped Mind Hacking: A strategy of mind reading that combines the know-how of mentalists and insights of psychology. By observing your counterpart, asking the right questions and relying on your knowledge of human nature you can decode the thoughts of your partner. In this way you show him you know what and how he is thinking and what he really wants. So he is going to open up to you. This results in sympathy, because everybody wants to be understood and acknowledged. Norman Alexander uncovers powerfully and dynamically secrets of mind readers and mentalists in an extraordinary lecture with highest entertainment value and shows its practice in job. Each participant gets valuable and practical impulse, inspiration, motivation and information. Norman Alexander places great importance on simplicity and practicality. The combination of knowledge transfer and entertainment is the perfect highlight for your event, people will talk about it for days and weeks. You will be surprised.


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