Udo Hamm

Success in Business through global Networking!

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Udo Hamm’s key competence is acquisition of premium clients, globally. To obtain tomorrow’s revenue, choice driver influencing acquisition strategies are launched on behalf of Prospect Equity’s customers with growth ambitions. Networking and community marketing are integral part of Udo’s reputation and daily doings.

Impressive new revenue targets are achieved with the implementation of his know-how and principles on how to view markets and on building relationships. Cost-efficiency and productivity indicators are significantly improved. To increase earnings in a sustainable manner, Prospect Equity professionalizes
the largely untapped leverage of premium prospect acquisition.

His clients benefit with more added values from cross-border business with his skills to sense in various mentalities and understanding on how to influence the particular challenges of international relations. New deals are achieved bridging culture-gap misunderstandings with decentralized, mentality compatible
and personalized acquisition strategies.

Udo went to School in Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro, studied business at the Universities of St. Ursula in Rio de Janeiro, Belgrano in Buenos Aires and at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne. A married Father of four daughters and Major (R) of the German Paratrooper he spent three decades in Spain, Brazil, China, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Italy and the French part of Switzerland before moving to Zurich in 1993.

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