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Dr. Pero Mićić - The leading Expert for FutureManagement!

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Dr. Pero Mićić is internationally known as a leading expert for Future Management. He is the Chairman of FutureManagementGroup AG, whose mission it is to help top leaders in business, politics and administration to see more of the future than their competitors.

He is a Consultant to the management teams and experts of many of the world’s leading companies. He helps them to systematically elaborate and analyze future scenarios, to perceive and to seize future opportunities at a very early point and to turn this know-ledge into strategic and financial success.

Dr. Pero Mićić is a Keynote speaker on professional conferences and festivities in places like Mexico-City, London, Paris, Washington, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague and Moscow. He has studied Business Administration and Futures Research in Germany and the USA. Mićić has earned his PhD with a work on "The Phenomenology of Future Management in Top Management Teams" from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.

He is the Author of the books "Die fünf ZukunftsBrillen" (The Five FutureGlasses) 2007; "Das ZukunftsRadar (The FutureRadar) 2006; "Der ZukunftsManager" (The FutureManager) (2003) and three more books.

Dr. Pero Mićić is a Founding member of the Association of Professional Futurists in the USA. He is the President of the advisory board to the European Futurists Conference in Lucerne, Switzerland and the President of the conference on International Trend- and Future Management.
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