Markus Junginger

Europe´s Leading Expert in Change- and Restructuring-

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Dr. Markus Junginger is a 18 year consulting veteran with an deep expertise in large restructuring, chance and growth projects. Without ever getting cynical he early understood that the soft factors are the determinates of success of large projects and initiates.

He observed that most organizations are having a choice having
human nature as their ally or their foe. All aspects of human
motivation, decision making and incentivizing – on macro and
micro level - are at the heart of his research. Being a classical quantitative economist by training, he is a behavioral economist by conviction.

The limitation of human cognition, biases in judgments and the use heuristics are all traits of successful human evolutionary adaption, but they cause massive problems in large organizations under time and budgets constraints. He is therefore focusing on predicting and aligning systematic human irrational responses in all domains of corporate life ranging from proper and real incentive systems, diagnostics of organizational sclerosis until making sense of competitive reactions through simulated Wargames.

He is a professor of behavioral economics at the University of Berlin
and was the MD of Gallup Germany for the last 4 years.

Markus Junginger is the Author of the Bestseller book"Strategic Wargames for Manager".

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