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Johannes Hennekeuser is not an IT nerd, like many other professionals in his field. Although he is undoubtedly an IT expert, the audience much more benefits from his many years on stage, and his extensive experience as an IT professional and manager. Technology does not have to be dry - quite the contrary: Already in the first minutes the energetic entertainer engages his audience, and then keeps them on their toes up to the very end. These are IT keynotes the way they should be!

Imagine being stuck in small sailing vessel in the middle of a dark night, after running aground on a reef in the Atlantic with no hope of rescue. What goes through your mind? How can this happen at all - despite your high level of experience and all the high-tech on-board?

Do we have our technology under control these days, or is our PC bullying us? How do we escape the dilemma? PC, smartphone and iPad can do a lot, and everywhere - but they are quick to become productivity and life traps. With multitasking, we can complete many tasks in parallel - a myth, or can we do it just as well as our PC? And in general, where does our brain still beat any computer, and how do we therefore use technology best, so that we keep it under control, and not vice versa?

When Johannes stretches the range from his sailing adventures to smartphone and Co., he draws every audience immediately under his spell. Energetic and with a lot of humor, his keynotes around the PC, smartphones, multitasking, IT security and the internet become real hits that reach everyone.

Actually, he is an IT manager at a large bank responsible for the operation of approximately 1,200 banking applications and the management of 150 employees. In his career, he also served as IT security chief - during a "very exciting time in which we had to constantly react quickly in order to be ahead of the bad guys", as he himself says. Previously, he worked at various American high-tech companies and knows the IT from both the customer and the provider side.

He studied computer science, and particularly benefits from his dual education that has taken him also to the USA. There he has learned from the real show business and has developed his own style, which is characterized by a high level of professionalism and insight, mixed with a crisp entertainment factor, so that even such dry subjects like IT receive a high entertainment factor when he presents them.

Johannes is a highly regarded speaker with keynotes and entertaining lectures around IT and management. The rhetoric is his hobby, and it shows not only in the flow of his storyline, but also in the thought-out formulations and surprising gags: this is professional entertainment. Stage experience he has enough, because when he does not give speeches, he is sitting behind his drums playing with his blues band.

Although Johannes ended up in IT just by accident, he is today a recognized technical expert with several publications and the rare gift to talk entertainingly. IT keynotes the way they should be!


The PC, a bully – How do I escape the dilemma?
• PC, smartphone and iPad can do a lot, and everywhere - but they are quick to become a productivity and life trap
• Is multitasking a myth? This is where computer and humans differ
• Where does your brain still beat computers, and how do you use them effectively, so that you keep being in control, and not vice versa!

Bank Robbery online - How to most effectively support the rapid clearance of your account
• It all begins when browsing or emailing - How to most quickly become infected by a common virus
• Online Banking: The bank is safe - and you? How does Phishing become successful?
• How do you get through the best? Simple rules for all online, so banking and shopping does not turn into a nightmare

Modern Internet - If you do not pay attention while surfing, you will be overrun by the wave
• What do we reveal via Social Media? How "social" are these networks are actually?
• Search engines are the gateway to the Internet - What can we find, what not, and what do the engines know about us?
• Shopping preferably online - How to find the best deal and buy safely
• How to become an internet professional: The best tips for safe surfing the net

IT for non-IT professionals - Why is the smallest change almost always in excess of 50’000?
• Form and function of a modern IT Department - What are they doing all day?
• The modern system architecture - components simply explained so that you can have a say
• Controlling of IT - How to get their costs under control and take proper influence from the outside

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