Harald Seubert

Philosopher & Avantgarde Thinker

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Harald Seubert, born in 1967, combines in a unique way universal European education in several areas with the sense for modern trends and developments. He studied philosophy, theology, literature and history at several primary league universities in Europe, he is PhD and professor of philosophy and History of Ideas. His teaching also led him to Eastern Germany even after 1989 and to professorships in Poland, Italy, Greek and Northern Africa. Since 2012 he is professor in Basel, Switzerland.

Seubert has published several books, treaties and essays, with international reputation, all about 3000 years of European History of Ideas in the context of other world cultures. But he wouldn’t stay long time in the Ivory Tower. So since 20 years he is successfully consulting medical doctors, psychologists and medium-sized companies. Since his time of academic studies he is also intensively involved in problems of strategy, International Politics and Peace keeping. He is a well known and great demanded discussion partner of architects, experts in the premium league of PR and design, and an avantgarde thinker of the European Union and the globalized world.

- Education & Erudition
- Beauty in Culture and Nature
- The nexus of Ethics, Economy & Politics
- Religion & reason in times of Globalization

Seubert is a fascinating speaker, knowing well the art of Lecture Performance and is able to carry his audience to great explorations about Past, Present and Future.
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