Edgar K. Geffroy

Change-Management, Sales-Expert

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For more than 30 years Edgar K. Geffroy has been ranking among the most renowned business masterminds, best seller authors and business experts in Europe.

Like no one else, he is aware of what customers really want. He knows what makes companies grow quickly and disproportionately. And he has a clear sense of the sales prospects lying ahead. In 2012 the "Mastermind of the Decade" received the BEST of BEST Award for his outstanding performance.

A great asset on your company´s balance sheet
More than 20 books, including the best seller „Das Einzige, was stört, ist der Kunde“ (translation: "The only nuisance is my customer"), and over 2,100 talks about customers, sales, motivation and the Internet before more than 500,000 people show how popular his concepts are. Edgar K. Geffroy inspires people and encourages change - on a personal and a business level. Change that leads to impressive results in their private lives and careers.

A visionary to help you play a leading role on the market
In the 90s Edgar K. Geffroy made history by teaching clienting. He was one of the first to realize that companies can only grow in the long term if they pursue customer care actively. This is how Edgar K. Geffroy has had a lasting impact on Germany as a service environment. Consequently, many companies have become market leaders.

In 2012 he received the BEST of BEST Award as „Mastermind of the Decade“. The trend breaker (Impulse) and business guru (managementbuch) was honoured for his life´s work when he was inducted to the German Speakers Hall of Fame®.

The TOP speaker and best seller author is a visionary, who recognizes the future business challenges that lie in trends and who consistently develops new creative business ideas.

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