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Experience the Power of Community with All Senses!

Drum Cafe is one the world´s leading Team Building and Corporate Events Companies. It was started in Johannesburg in 1996 as an actual Cafe where drumming was used in a relaxed environment to break down barriers, inspire people and bring people together. Since then, it has emerged into a unique yet relevant program used by many of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide to promote unity and team-building. It is based on the insight that music is a universal language. Interactive drumming breaks down barriers of hierarchy, age, gender, culture and language. Drumming is a great ice-breaker and is an effective way to get a diverse group of people to communicate, listen to one another and work together as a team to create music.

10 or 10,000 people – every participant is equipped with their own percussion instrument to become part of a sweeping common performance.

In a concluding keynote, the speaker points out why the participants have been so successful and in what ways their accomplishment relate to their personal goals, the corporate business and the pertaining messages: A impactful lecture the power of which is rooted in the audience’s own activity. What at first looked like a mere drum workshop soon turns out to be a transforming experience, leaving the participants with fundamentally changed ideas of communication, community, motivation and their own potentials.

13,500 employees of a recognized insurance provider have drummed together with Drum Cafe; so did the German national football team in preparation of the 2008 European Cup.

In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Drum Cafe is represented by Matthias Jackel, born 1966, Sabine Vieten, born 1967 und Stefan Frommherz, born 1970. Accomplished percussionists, they all look back on long-standing practice as personnel developers, coaches and instructors. Their work focuses on the cognitive transfer from the musical experience to the challenges of „real life“. On stage, they are accompanied by professional drummers from three continents.

Building Teams - One Beat at a Time!
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