Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz

Bestselling authors and innovative Business-Gurus!
Different Thinking, Innovation & Leadership.
Innovator, Different Thinker, Motivator & modern strategists.

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Bestselling authors and internationally acclaimed speakers, Anja Foerster and Peter Kreuz are definitely not your typical conservative management gurus in grey suits. They represent a new generation of European-based management thinkers.

Their style: Entertaining and fun, provocative and with a strong bias towards action. Their mission: to help organizations identify growth opportunities and game-changing strategies. It’s all about innovation, energy and change.

Foerster & Kreuz are on a mission to expose the extraordinary. To do so, they scan all five continents to track down unconventional and successful business concepts and the people behind them. All this has one goal: to help customers fight commoditization and find new avenues for growth.

The client list of Foerster & Kreuz includes BMW, Deutsche Bank, Gore, IBM, Mars, SAP, Siemens, Swisscom and Xerox.

Keynotes and Innovation Sessions with Anja Foerster and Peter Kreuz are:

- liberating people‘s thinking: Entertaining, thought-provoking and passionate, Foerster & Kreuz don’t just talk about being different, they inspire people to be different.

- a roadmap for success: Foerster & Kreuz challenge people to turn long-held industry conventions on their head, fearlessly challenge the old guard, and to amaze customers with innovative and unique products and services.

- a source of inspiration and encouragement: Foerster & Kreuz inspire you with the desire to move forward and carve out your own clear-cut profile.

The benefits are:

Whether in English or German, the two bestselling authors and internationally acclaimed speakers, share their unique insights into what it takes to succeed in today´s rapidly changing business world. Their dynamic and entertaining keynotes have a lasting impact on their audiences and leave them energized with fresh ideas for improving themselves and their organizations.

The ideal solution for your board meeting, kick-off presentation, congress, regular event or convention. You can book Foerster & Kreuz jointly or individually.

KEYNOTE - Anything but ordinary

In today’s surplus society the customer is faced with endless choices but, while everything may be better, brighter and more varied, it is also increasingly the same. Companies have defined so much best practice that they are now more or less identical. To grow, they need to break out of a vicious cycle of competitive benchmarking and imitation. Because those who keep comparing themselves with others will tend to become ever more comparable. Foerster & Kreuz are convinced that

Imitating someone else will never ever get you to the top - merely to the middle You need to fail faster in order to succeed sooner
Madonna can teach you more about innovation than most management guru Using real-life examples of successful groundbreaking strategies, Foerster & Kreuz provide the practical steps needed to create an innovative edge for your organization. You will walk away with sound business solutions and a passion for action.

When a keynote speech is not enough...

Innovation Sessions are keynotes in XXL-format, lasting 210 minutes. These sessions are power-packed with unconventional business best practices. Foerster & Kreuz unveil the secrets of unconventional thinkers‘ success, and help you understand what YOU can learn from them.

Using real-life examples of successful groundbreaking strategies, they provide the practical steps needed to create an innovative edge for your organization. You will walk away with sound business solutions and a determination to take action.

What´s in it for you?

Zest for innovation: Foerster & Kreuz unleash a desire for change and innovation. They demonstrate clearly that innovation is not an abstract concept, but something that you can steer actively and with enthusiasm.

Personal initiative: The aim is not to present ready-made solutions already practiced by your competitors but to question the status quo. Foerster & Kreuz invite you and your colleagues to think rather than telling you what you should think. Clever questions open doors. Answers frequently close them.

Looking beyond borders: The work of Foerster & Kreuz is not based on abstract concepts but backed by a wealth of successful examples taken from a wide range of industries and markets. The search for smart ideas and recipes for success doesn´t work according to the ´copy and paste´ principle. But it does work if you research other industries and markets for successful models, establish what they have in common and then transfer these ´rules of success´ to your own industry.

You can book Anja or Peter as a Single Speaker or as a Power-Team. We are looking forward to speaking to you soon about your next event!

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