Andy Habermacher


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Andy is one of Europe´s leading experts on "Neuroleadership". With almost 20 years experience in the field of corporate education, he works with senior leaders of major multinationals. His passion for people and his insights into the brain have the ability to change perspectives and create a lasting impact for individuals and within organisations.

Andy became fascinated with neuroscience after meeting a Harvard neuroscientist during an advanced executive coaching course he was doing in the USA. He followed his interest up with various studies, research and writings and quickly became a name in the application of neuroscience to leadership contexts. He has become a sought after speaker internationally because of his ability to tap into the deep science as the proof of what he’s discussing, all while making the topic clearly understandable, amusing, entertaining and very informative, which is of immense practical use to leaders. His recent work has focused on basic emotional needs in the brain and how these interact in business contexts to develop or hinder brain performance.


- Leading 100 Billion Neurons
- Unconscious Motivation
- Rationally Irrational

Andy was born and brought up in England to a Swiss father and English mother and now lives in Luzern, Switzerland with his family. He has many hobbies but is, in particular, a passionate sportsman (having played international rugby amongst others).

Andy believes that by tapping into the brain businesses can fully engage their employees and reap the full rewards of this potential making the workplace more engaging for employees and ultimately making the world a better place.

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  • Neuroleadership by Andy Habermacher
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